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There is a potential need for Amateur Radio operators to provide communications support in the Florida Keys. 

Volunteers will need to bring a dual-band HT with earphone/headset, external (gain) antenna, spare batteries,

chargers.  While food & beverage, sleeping quarters and showers are available, responders need to be 

self-sufficient for other personal needs.  Deployment requests will vary as will the served agencies.

DO NOT SELF-DEPLOY.  These missions will be filled through the State of Florida EOC, ESF2 liaison.

Hams interested will need to register at https://www.volunteerflorida.org/irma/   Select the

“Casework/Recovery” option under the type of work on Step 1, and under “Step 3”, “Volunteer Skills”,

select “Amateur Radio”.  Once requests are made to the State, you will be notified of the mission and can

accept or decline the assignment.  THESE ARE VOLUNTEER ASSIGNMENTS.  Non-compensated.

You may be required to pass a background check.


ARLB018 FCC Opens 630- and 2200-Meter Bands; Stations Must Notify UTC Before

ARRL Bulletin 18  ARLB018
From ARRL Headquarters
Newington CT  September 15, 2017
To all radio amateurs 

ARLB018 FCC Opens 630- and 2200-Meter Bands; Stations Must Notify UTC Before

The FCC has announced that the Office of Management and Budget has approved,
for 3 years, the information-collection requirement of the Commission's
March 29 Report and Order (R&O) that spelled out Amateur Radio service rules
for the two new bands - 630 meters and
2200 meters. The R&O in PDF format can be found at,
https://apps.fcc.gov/edocs_public/attachmatch/FCC-17-33A1.pdf .

Notice of the action appears in today's edition of the Federal Register.
Before using either band, stations must notify the Utilities Technology
Council (UTC), formerly the Utilities Telecom Council, that they plan to do
so, and if UTC does not respond within
30 days, they may commence operation.

The website to notify the UTC is,
https://utc.org/plc-database-amateur-notification-process/ .

Last March 27, the FCC adopted the 2012 World Radiocommunication Conference
(WRC-12) implementation Report and Order (ET Docket 15-99), amending its
Amateur Radio rules to - in the FCC's words - "provide for frequency-sharing
requirements in the 135.7-137.8 kHz
(2200-meter) and 472-479 kHz (630-meter) bands."

Section 97.313(g)(2) of those rules requires that, prior to starting
operation in either band, radio amateurs must notify UTC that they intend
operate by submitting their call signs, intended band(s) of operation, and
the coordinates of their antenna's fixed location.
The new rules do not permit any mobile operation.

"Amateur stations will be permitted to commence operations after a 30-day
period, unless UTC notifies the station that its fixed location is located
within 1 kilometer of Power Line Carrier (PLC) systems operating on the same
or overlapping frequencies," the FCC said. PLC systems are unlicensed. "This
notification process will ensure that amateur stations seeking to operate
[on 630 or 2200 meters] are located beyond a minimum separation distance
from PLC transmission lines, which will help ensure the compatibility and
coexistence of amateur and PLC operations, and promote shared use of the

The FCC announced that it is making effective immediately the Part
97 rule amendments, Part 97.3, 97.15(c), 97.301(b) through (d), 97.303(g),
97.305(c), and 97.313(k) and (l), which do not require OMB approval.




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