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  • Pictures are posted and thank you Murray-KG5VLV for taking them.  Also thank you to Sharon-KA5DOW for also taking some pictures at the test session and the hamfest.
  • Minutes of August Business meeting is posted.  August Minutes
  • Donations to our Scholarship can still be made as well as to the OARC Club's Fund.
  • The QRM is Now Posted for August.  August QRM
  • July 21st. Test Session: We had one new Tech, 3 upgraded to General and 3 upgraded to Extra.
  • AA5UY is recommending that we plan for a P2P test of RMS Winlink program and see how it works for those of us who have it.  We can test HF and 2 meter packet. 
  • Ron-WB5CXJ daughter makes shirts and we can have her make up something special at a cost of $17.00 per shirt.  Really large sizes are a few dollars more and we need to think about how we would like it to look if we decide to place an order.  More on this at our next Business meeting.
  • Bob, KC5NNK, made a suggestion about passing the hat at each meeting to help with repeater hardline fund.  All agreed.
  • Floors are done in the meeting room, all that is left is the trim.  Thanks to Dave-AG5NM and Bob-KC5NNK for working on them last week.

OARC Floors



August 16 - Winlink Presentation - Frank Skiles:  Comparison of Winlink to ALE and D-Rats with advantages/disadvantages of each.

Frank's presentation on Winlink was very informative and his notes are online.

Here is the link  https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1UqLFf2zXpPTHnUS25VVZNd20fCE28MNJ?amp%3Busp=sharing


Thanks and 73,

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