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  • Our Holiday Dinner is at Southside, Dec. 8th was wll attended, and thank you all for coming out.
  •  Paula Hidaldo - KI5CDJ was voted in, congratulations.
  • Nominations can be made for new officers for next year.
  • Dues will be Due in January 2019.
  • Members can update their information for the new club's directory.   Here is the form  This form has to be hand carried or mailed to Frank's attention.
  •  Mnutes are Posted for Dec. 2018.   Here is a direct link for that PDF
  • QRM is posted for Nov. 2018.  Here is a direct link for that PDF. 
  • Murray, KG5VLV, took pictures of our last outing at South Side Cafe, we hope post these in the future.
  • SKYWARN Recognition DAY: Many thanks to Ron - WB5CXJ, for organizing the Skywarn Event at the NWS in Slidell.  Also thank you's to the people who operated at the NWS and their names are listed in the PDF that follows. The station at the NWS made contacts on HF, 2 meter FM and D-Star via the 440 repeater.  Here is a PDF of the people who operated during the event  
It is radio, antennas (Multi-band HF & VHF/UHF) digital interface, radio programming software, all needed cables, switches, lighting protection, etc.

  I want to sell this as a complete set, not part it out, which is why it has the great price of $1000. 

Ham Radio Station (just add 12V power): $1000. Sold as package.

Items included:

Yaesu Ft-897 HF/VHF/UHF all mode transceiver; with manual and laminated “Nifty” quick reference cards
Yaesu ADMS-4B-USB programming software and cable for FT-897
LDG Z-11 Pro automatic tuner with manual
LDG FT-Meter; external SWR, PWR, Voltage meter for Yaesu FT-897
Rigblaster Pro by West Mountain Radio; digital interface for FT-897
Diamond Dual Band (2m/70cm) high performance gain vertical base station antenna
Butternut HF9V vertical antenna; 2000W Max; 9 band resonant; 80m, 40m, 30m, 20m, 17m, 15m, 12m, 10m, 6m. 26ft tall.
DX Engineering stainless steel ground radial connection plate for Butternut HF9V
RG-213 UDX 50 ohm coaxial cable; 125ft with PL-259 connectors
RG-8/U 50 ohm coaxial cable; approx. 150ft with PL-259 connectors
RG-213 UDX 50 ohm cable; 6ft
(2) RG-213 UDX 50 ohm cable;  3ft 
RG-213 U 50 ohm cable; 18 inches (transceiver to tuner)
MFJ-1702C  2 position antenna switch
MFJ-4602 Window Feed Thru panel ; 3 coax, balance line, random wire and ground. 35.5 inches
(2) Alpha Delta TT3G50F coaxial cable surge protectors with DX engineering ground rod clamp (mounting to ground rod)
New 8ft copper clad ground rod
ARRL’s Small Antennas for Small Spaces book

Email is Wxbuoy <wxbuoy@aol.com>





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